British Shorthair Cats | Longhair Cats | Chocolate | Lilac series |  Variant
British Shorthair Cats | Longhair Cats | Chocolate | Lilac series |  Variant
British Shorthair Cats
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Hello and welcome to the ‘Carassacat’ website

My name is Jacqui Skey and I, along with two Standard Poodles, live with my adored British Shorthair cats, in the Warwickshire countryside, on the fringe of Solihull, and within easy reach of the M42 motorway.

British Shorthair Cats | Longhair Cats | Chocolate | Lilac series |  Variant My prefix ‘Carassacat’ is GCCF registered and I am an appointed member of the GCCF Breeders Scheme; which promotes responsible breeding and agreeing to work within a specified code of ethics. I ensure that my cats are bred for temperament and quality, rather than quantity, allowing each girl to have no more than one pregnancy a year, so as to allow them to recover and enjoy their time first and foremost as adored members of my family.

I have had animals for the vast majority of my life, not just cats and dogs, but horses too. Animals make wonderful companions and I hope my passion for them radiates for all to see.

I initially started breeding British Shorthair cats back in 1992 alongside my husband Roy. This wonderful, affectionate, even-tempered, laid back, cuddly breed, is just a joy to have in the home! They make wonderful companions and are believe to be one of the oldest established breeds of pedigree cat. I can proudly say that over the years, I have bred many Champions and Grand-Champions both UK and Internationally accredited. For personal reasons at the start of this Century I had a hiatus from breeding, But am delighted in 2014 to have returned and look forward to the future, raising a new generation of Carassacat babies.

British Shorthair Cats | Longhair Cats | Chocolate | Lilac series |  Variant I have a penchant for the Chocolate and Lilac series; therefore specialise and concentrate on this particular colouration in the Colourpointed coat pattern. That’s not to say I won’t have other coat patterns and colours because it is highly possible I will, including variations such a Tortie, Tabby, Tortie-Tabby with or without white.
Some of my breeding girls are carriers of the Long Haired gene, so inevitably I am likely to have the much sought after British Longhair, also known as Variant or affectionately called ‘Fluffies’. These are stereotypical ‘chocolate box’ kittens and simply adorable.

My sole aim is to breed strong, healthy, affectionate kittens. My kittens never see an outside pen, are born and raised in my bedroom, until they are at an age, where alongside their feline Mummy can move into a bedroom all of their own! They are fussed and handled so much, are introduced to my dogs when they are old enough and even to the horrible ‘washing machine and hoover monsters’. By doing this, I ensure I have done everything possible to ensure that all of my kittens go on to make wonderful companions for their new owners. It is amazing when people who have had kittens from me as long as 20 or more years ago, are discovering I have returned to breeding and are asking me to let them know as they were so delighted with their original feline friend. This makes every smile, laugh, tear and heartbreak which breeding inevitably brings with it, all worthwhile.

Sadly there are many not so considerate people around these days, so I ask all prospective new owners, to sign and complete a detailed Kitten Agreement. There is absolutely no profit in breeding, it is done completely for the love of this beautiful breed, so I welcome questions, not only as your choose your new baby, but throughout their life where necessary.

Thanks for dropping by and do get in touch if you maybe interested in offering a forever home to one of my kittens. Be prepared to have questions asked and to ask questions, the future happiness of my kittens is of paramount importance to me.

British Shorthair and Longhair Cats specialising in the chocolate and lilac series
“The long & the short” Two cream pointed boys,
one long haired the other short.
Showing the difference in coat length.
British Shorthair and Longhair Cats specialising in the chocolate and lilac series

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